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Facts and Figures

The voluntary sector in Hartlepool is important, both socially and economically, it provides a wide range of services and support to the local community, and has considerable economic significance.

The sector is difficult to define, categorize and measure. The most comprehensive listing of organisations in the voluntary sector is the in the Directory published by HVDA and this indicates the considerable scale and diversity of the sector. The HVDA directory was used as a basis for a survey through which 268 questionnaires were sent out and 93 organisations responded.
Many are independent local groups and some are the local branches of national charities. 30.1% were established in Hartlepool before 1980; 29.1% in the 1980's; and 37.6% in the 1990's. Thus, many of the organisations in Hartlepool were only established in recent years.
A quarter (25.8%) of the organisations had fewer than 100 services users a year. The majority (57%) were in the range of 100 to 1000 services users. Nearly a quarter have over 1000 users a year. It is, therefore, evident that very many people in Hartlepool will use the services that the voluntary sector provides.
Over half of the organisations responding to the survey had paid staff as well as volunteers. The 54 organisations with paid staff employed altogether 176 full-time and 148 part-time staff.
Those with paid staff have a ratio of about 8 volunteers to 1 paid employee. Altogether, the organisations surveyed had 2,585 volunteers, contributing 413,217 hours of their time and effort in 1997/1998. On the basis of these figures, it is estimated that voluntary sector organisations in Hartlepool have approximately 7,450 volunteers in total, contributing 1 .2 million hours a year.
We estimate that the volunteer input into the Hartlepool's voluntary sector is equivalent to about 600 full-time jobs or, if paid for as waged employment (based on the average hourly wage rate in Hartlepool), amounts to about £9.8 million worth of work.
Of those groups which provided information about their income and expenditure, almost 90% have annual expenditure of less that £100,000, and 40.3% spend less that £10,000. Total income/expenditure for the 67 which gave information amounted to £4 million. On this basis, it is estimated that the total annual income/expenditure for the whole voluntary sector in Hartlepool amounts to between £10 million and £16 million a year. It is thus a significant part of the local economy.

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