Support for Groups

From a toddler group to a community transport scheme, from a residents association to a recycling project - these are all examples of the ideas people in the community have had that have been developed, formed and supported with the help of HVDA.

Such help is FREE and can range from a "one off" informal chat to long term support of up to a year and even longer.

The help can include providing a constitution, registering a group as a charity  or other legal company status, organising public meetings, offering resources such as photocopying, stationery and stamps or finding consultants.

Information, advice and guidance is available on things like business/forward planning; funding; finances/accounts; publicity and promotion; recruitment and employment of paid staff; procurement; project evaluation and monitoring; training for paid staff, volunteers and committee members as well as the various protocols needed in running an organisation such as policies and procedures; management committee and governance and mediation or conflict resolution.

We also offer advice on merger/partnership working; resource sharing and liaison and representation.

'Straight Through’ Money Service 
Occasionally a group awarded grant funding may have difficulty accepting it either because it does not as yet have its own bank account or is not a registered charity.  HVDA can act as an intermediary body in these circumstances, receiving grants on a group’s behalf.  IMPORTANT NOTICE: This service will no longer be available after 30th June 2017.



Meet the Team

Liz Ashton

Group Support & Information Officer


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