The Volunteer Centre

HVDA recruits and places volunteers and develops projects with a focus on new opportunities to volunteer.  This service is offered by the Volunteer Centre and is available to Hartlepool residents and open to people of all ages.
HVDA holds information on a wide range of volunteering opportunities and community activities.
Potential volunteers are offered support and advice in matching their motivation to volunteer with appropriate opportunities.
Volunteering is marketed and promoted through specific campaigns.
Volunteering can involve helping the following groups of people: children, young people, older people, minority ethnic groups, ex-offenders, lone parents, those experiencing substance misuse/abuse, those experiencing health related problems, individuals with mental health issues, physical disabilities and learning difficulties.
Voluntary work can be in any of the following areas: advice; counselling; art/culture; befriending; advocacy; mentoring; catering; clerical/ administration/reception; committee work; conservation; forestry; gardening; animals; education and training; first aid; fundraising; publicity and media; music recording and broadcasting; practical skills; DIY; driving; social care; retail; training; finance; management.

Volunteering for All (VFA) 

The VFA service is used to describe the main brokerage function to recruit, interview and place people into volunteering placements with relevant Voluntary and Community Sector groups and other volunteer using organisations.  The aim of the project is to encourage Hartlepool residents to participate in voluntary activity by undertaking the recruitment of potential volunteers and conducting confidential interviews to match their skills and interests to suitable volunteering opportunities.  Progress will be monitored and volunteer experiences will be evaluated.

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 Meet the Volunteer Centre team

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Volunteer Engagement Officer



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