How Can Volunteering Help?

There are many reasons for volunteering.  Everyone has his or her own reasons for volunteering, it is an individual experience.  The staff at The Volunteer Centre will support and advise you and, where possible, try to tailor your needs to your volunteering experience.

These are just some of the ways volunteering can help you:

  • Work experience which could lead to employment
  • The prospect of developing new, or enhancing existing, skills
  • Gain relevant, hands-on training
  • Provide you with something interesting to talk about at interviews
  • Provide a 'taster' for a potential career change
  • Get up to date professional references
  • An opportunity to get worthwhile accredited qualifications
  • A stepping stone to university
  • An opportunity to improve your CV
  • Personal development and the opportunity to build confidence and self esteem
  • A chance to meet new friends and be involved in the local community


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