Your Rights As A Volunteer

We want you to enjoy your volunteering experience; these are some of your rights as a volunteer:

Expenses - you should not be out of pocket when volunteering. We would expect the organisation you volunteer for to pay your travel expenses (bus fare or car mileage allowance) to and from your place of volunteering. If you volunteer for a full working day we would expect you to be provided with lunch. Please keep all receipts for any out of pocket expenses as you will need them to claim your money back from the organisation.

Induction Training - when starting to volunteer, the organisation you volunteer for will carry out induction training. This lets you know what the organisation is there to do, how it does it, the systems they have in place, such as how to claim your out of pocket expenses, and what to do if there is an accident etc. You should also be told what part your voluntary role plays in delivering a service for the organisation, and receive details of training available to your to help develop the skills you need to carry out the role effectively. This is a good time to ask any questions you may have.

Role Description - you should be given a clear description in writing about what you are expected to do when carrying out your voluntary role.

Working Environment - you should be able to carry out your duties in safe, secure and healthy environments that are free from harassment, intimidation, bullying, violence and discrimination.

Supervision/Support - to help you enjoy your voluntary role, support should be available from the organisation. As in paid work, you should have a named person you can go to if you have any problems with your voluntary role. If you have a problem you do not want to talk about with the organisation, please contact a member of The Volunteer Centre and we will do our best to help.

Health & Safety - you should not work in unsafe and unhealthy conditions. Ask to see the Health & Safety Policy if it is not shown to you during induction training.

Insurance - the organisation you volunteer for should have insurance cover for volunteers. Ask to see the policy for details on how you are covered in the event of an accident within the voluntary organisation.

References - the organisation you volunteer for may be able to give you a professional reference based on your voluntary work.

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